Providing short term care for NDIS participants

This registration group incorporates assistance with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment, which is either temporary or ongoing, with a focus on developing the skills of each individual to live as autonomously as possible. This registration group includes short-term accommodation and assistance (e.g. respite care).

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our SIL provides your everyday support needs in a safe and comfortable shared living environment. SIL staff uses a person-centered approach to understand and help you plan your recovery journey, support you to build your independence, and reach your goals.

We provide SIL on a long-term basis with properties located in Palmerston and Darwin.

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Our STA offers a safe place for people to experience time away from their normal place of residence. We tailor your experience to suit your needs and can accommodate all requirements such as arranging and supporting appointments, social outings, and family and friend visits, day-to-day living, and self-care support.

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

Our MTA offers a safe place for NDIS participants to stay during a transitional circumstance (such as leaving the hospital). Our recovery-focused Residential staff can support you to plan your next move into more permanent accommodation as well as support your recovery goals.